Arduino from Scratch with IoT Security : Introduction

Hello every one. After long time of silent, i made it to think of what next; what need to be share with in terms of technology, in terms of Arduino, in terms of IoT security etc. As a result, it drive me to series of knowledge transfers who wish to study Arduino from scratch.

Welcome to the world of Arduino

This is very introductory post regarding Arduino; It’ll be talking about basic things about Arduino. Below, you can see the look of Arduino Uno Board.

All About Arduino Main Board Types-arduino uno

Before going through the Arduino, you need to know what is Arduino and where this came from and what is the motivation behind using and what are the typical applications.

All these things you need to know before start working with Arduino. The name of this board is Arduino. This is a special kind of board what you can see here, it is written UNO. There are the types of Arduino available. I’m talk about in one of the subsequent post. Arduino is a controller; you know in any engineering field you need a controller to control some processes that is very important.

Arduino is controller

Have you heard about any controller. Of course you have heard like if I am telling you that this is a power. This is just switch and let’s say here one light bulb is connected. This is supply so can you control this light? Yes you can control it. how? if you press this switch this light will be on. If you release this switch, this light will be off. That means this is the simplest form of controller and it is called on off controllers.

simple controller

you can find ON OFF controller such as fan, lights at your home. They all can be controlled by switches. So now still then the controller has evaluated so much that today we have got this controller. And this is one of the finest controllers we have ever heard. We’ll be coming to this.

Now you have heard some other controllers also like you have heard this micro-controller about.

if you know some of the names like Intel 8051 micro-controller, PIC micro-controller, Atmel Micro-controller and some of you have heard IBM micro-controller. Samsung micro-controller and Mitsubishi micro-controller.
These are all micro-controller.

You have heard, some other control that includes P controller. That means proportional controller, I-controller, D controller or together PID controllers. This is one of the most controller available, most important controller that is PID controller. Another thing is PLC. it is called programmable logic controller.

Where is Arduino standing

There are plenty of types of controllers available in the market. You need to know that why we prefer Arduino. Basically this Arduino is an electronic device. You can see some of the electronic components here.This is also a programmable device. There are two points about this board, in the very basics you need to know.

It is electronic device and second is it is programmable.

You can program it and you can build circuitry using this board. And if you want to build some of the projects, there are many projects you can do with this Arduino. So now you need to know why Arduino is better than other controllers. Before knowing about controller you need to know that here is one micro-controller also present in the board.

micro controller

This is the micro-controller and this micro-controller is atmel micro-controller.If you simply say Arduino is a controller, that will be partially correct.To know about, you need to say Arduino is a control board.
That means it is consisting of micro-controllers itself and some of the other chips and the power supply and some peripheral ports. you can export power supply from it also. There is a initial clock here present. So everything is there on board; That is the tremendous advantage of Arduino over other controller.

Why we prefer?

Now you need to know that why we prefer Arduino because. First of all the software required to program this board or to load the programming into this Arduino Board is open source. I mean that is available with Windows with Linux with the Mac iOS and every other platform. That is very easily available software and it can be run with any other operating system. Next point will be you can interface LED, Switches, Buzzer, other Display unit and some GPS module Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet with it very easily.


Till Now we have let’s say I want with micro-controller. You may have worked with micro-controller and if you can remember you have faced a lot of problem with some of the micro-controller during uploading
of the program or debugging of the program or troubleshooting of the project. All those problems are taken care of by this board. That is the beauty of the Arduino and it is very very economical. That means within 10 to 20 dollars you can get an original Board. So that is another point.

Lets discuss more about this and IoT Security in next post.