Microcontroller inside controller board outside!

Welcome back to world of Arduino. This is the 3rd post of the scratch course we start recently. And today I’m going to answer one of the most important questions that is why Arduino. So, to know about why Arduino I’m giving you few points just why Arduino, to answer this question. You need to know that when you are using a normal microcontroller. Here it is microcontroller; I am not talking about the total board.

Advantages than a single microcontroller

I’m talking about if you are going to use this microcontroller separately not in this controller. What you need to do, you need to write a program with a computer for this controller and then you need to connect this controller with a debugger with some cables so what is the first step. You need to write a program then connect with the debugger where you need to insert the micro-controllers. Ones that will be done, you need to release this microcontroller and put that on a breadboard or any of the circuit. So, these three steps using a normal microcontroller is very tough. It is very erroneous some times. The efficiency of these steps is not so effective. That means taking a 40-pin microcontroller or 30 pin microcontroller and there you can make them damage microcontroller pins.

Another reason is connecting one device and loading the program with a single microcontroller not with this controller board may be show some errors. So, Arduino just solve that problem. Burner that mean it write the computer program to the microcontroller. The micro controller is inserted, no need to take the microcontroller out from this controller board again and again and load somewhere else, because the debugger is inside it. If you can, one flash burner is here. you can burn the program from the computer very easily. That is the first one you need to know.

Messy m-controller Or Smart Controller Board?

One more thing you can look at here that there are some external ports that you can connect wire directly to it. In previous days, when there were no Arduino, you needed to connect this to your breadboard and then you need to connect it and connecting this microcontroller to a breadboard itself a problem because that may again damage the pins and the connections. If you’re using that side by side pin to interrupt them there might be some noise here, because they are not separated. There will might be some problem with electric constant between these two ports. Well, here these problems are solved because all the ports are separated very firmly. That is one of the advantages.

Most of the advantages of Arduino that everything is on board with microcontroller. If you’re a beginner and if you’re looking for an electronic project or computer science or hardware project then Arduino might be your best friend. Because running program, troubleshooting program, loading program here and making them use of Arduino is the easiest. When you’ll be using Arduino software, you can find in that window, there are more than a hundred of inbuilt projects in the Arduino software. You can learn that. Everything is written and every line is mentioned there and the program was commented by the Arduino program.

That is another, that is 3rd point where in terms of debugging and troubleshooting. Suppose you are facing a problem when you are doing the software and interfacing or let’s say a program running; Arduino software can give you the best comments in Arduino software window when you have any. You’ll be facing any error, the comments mentioned here are so classified. It also indicates which line you have already made the problem or error looking. It’s so easy that looking at the comment only you can understand where you have made problem. That is how you can debug or troubleshoot Arduino very easily; Doing with microcontroller will give you so many issues.

Control board library is again one of the most important things in Arduino. Suppose you’ll be using some of the special devices or let’s say some of the special applications; Arduino may or may not recognize those devices. But in the Arduino website only you will find the library for that device. That means you need to just download that library and insert it in your computer. After that start recognizing the device that is another advantage of this Arduino.

Devices Attached in Control Board

Next thing I have already told you that about the Bluetooth shield and Bluetooth modules. All these safety measures are here already take care. It is having two power supply for normal microcontroller. The USB cable will be used for power and that data communication. but in the Arduino, you can see a separate power supply option is present here. The device can remove the wire and you can connect simply a battery connection to it and it will be working.

Serial and parallel communication of Arduino with the computer is very easy and fast. Suppose you have one LCD; you know liquid crystal device display. So, if you want to connect one LCD with the conventional micro-controllers, there will be a tremendous problem of communication and serial and parallel communication. And I’m not saying that those micro-controllers are bad but I’m just saying connecting LCD with this Arduino board is the easiest one you can do. You can complete this LCD program interfacing with this Arduino board in only few minutes.

That is one of the most advantage of Arduino, not only LCD. there are many more interfacing devices. Those are called interfacing devices. Interfacing devices means buzzers, LEDs and other things like switches, 7segment display, all of them can be connected to this Arduino board very easily.These devices does not include microcontroller. Next is circuit connection. You know in the Arduino board only you can see the 5V, GNDs are available; you can use this 5V and GND to your project. So, no need to use some other power supply. Arduino itself will be providing the power supply when you will be doing some of the product. That is another advantage that power supply is in built.

Programming Language Matters

The assembly language programming is not there. That means normal ‘C’ not only the original C. I’m talking about programmable C or some of the easiest form of C language will be using to program this microcontroller. I promise you that after looking at the first program, you’ll be astonish that glowing LED is so easy. That is why the programming is also easy.

Last but not least I have already told you it is very economical. That means within 20 dollars you can get an original Arduino from the market even microcontroller not much. So, this is how I mean the Arduino is now overtaking all the other controller. itself a control board because it is having all the facility a board should have. So, having onboard facility of everything almost everything to do computer science or electronic or electrical projects Arduino is in the top of the market. If you are thinking about any of the DIY project, Do It Yourself project you are in, you have made the right choice to learn Arduino and use Arduino. In the subsequent post I’ll be showing you about the interfacing devices. One of them I have already shown you and there are plenty more I’ll be showing how to use them.